Confettura Extra di Pellecchiella del Monte Somma

Our Philosophy

Respect of nature and the seasons cycles is at the core of all our products. The preparation of the jam follows the artisanal tradition you will find, at the first taste, it has nothing to envy to the old recipes of our grandmothers. Our unique and oneofakind taste comes solely from the quality and quantity of the fruit we use during the transformation process. We do not use any additives, dyes or synthetic fragrances. The raw materials come exclusively from the local area and the cultivation is still linked to the ancient agricultural traditions of our area.

Pellecchiella AND MOUNT SOMMA

The family orchards are located on the slopes of Mount Somma. This Vesuvius area is well known for the special fertility of the soil, rich in minerals and potassium, that have a influence on the organoleptic qualities of the fruit. In this area a place of honor is devoted to the queen of all apricots, the PELLECCHIELLA: a particular quality of apricots which ripens in the first half of June and has gained the IGP seal. This ancient and delicious fruit is easily recognisable by its aroma, its unmistakable colors, from orange to deep red, and for its particularly sweet and fleshy pulp.

The Jam

The apricot jam, considered a classic of the preserves, is cherished by children and adults alike. Our very essence makes our jam special: we do not une any apricot, but the PELLECCHIELLA the unique and delicious apricot. It is good at breakfast, perfect for cakes and pies or even served with cheese. The cooking enthusiasts and gourmets can try will have a field day experimenting with a variety of new combinations. Everything is possible, but only using THE jam ... la "PELLECCHIELLE"..